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Canadians check weather data frequently. Including localized, up-to-date weather data on your website gives your site visitors yet another reason to visit your site on a regular basis. With more visits and page views, this gives you a greater opportunity to generate advertising revenue by monetizing this traffic.

From Canada’s major web portals to individual’s personal sites, The Weather Network’s weather data is displayed on more than 2,700 websites across Canada and around the world. We’re the largest provider of weather data to Canada’s top web properties and have become a trusted source for delivering weather data reliably and efficiently. Our team of professionals strives to meet our web partner’s needs every step of the way ensuring their weather data brings added value to their site’s visitors.

We have two options available for delivering weather information to our web partners… Data Feeds or WeatherButtons.

  • Data Feeds

    If you are looking to create a robust weather product that includes forecast information, then our data feed option is the solution you need. You can select from a variety of data parameters for any Canadian, US or International locations we offer. Learn more about our data feed offering.

  • WeatherButtons

    Our WeatherButton product provides you with a quick and easy way to add current condition information for a particular location to your site. These pre-packaged buttons are available in variety of sizes and layouts, so there’s sure to be one that meets your needs. Best of all our WeatherButtons are free! Learn more about our WeatherButton product.

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